Eraze Computer Software

14 October 2021

Version 1.0

Thank you for your interest in the eWIPS application (the “Application”). The Application is made available by Eraze Computer Software B.V., located at IJsselburcht 3 in Arnhem, the Netherlands and registered by the Dutch chamber of commerce under registration no. 27164810 (“Eraze”). Before you can start using our application, please carefully read the instructions below.

  1. Agreement. You are required to enter into a separate agreement with Eraze before you are able to use the Application (the “Agreement”). If you don’t already have an Agreement with Eraze, please reach out to us by using the contact details below.
  2. Ownership. The Application is protected by copyrights and other intellectual property rights. All rights pertaining to the Application and other materials provided by Eraze are vested exclusively in Eraze or its licensors. You are explicitly not allowed to use the Application or other materials made available by Eraze without obtaining a license by entering into an Agreement.
  3. Terms and Conditions. Use of the Application is subject to supplementary terms and conditions of Eraze. These terms and conditions will be provided to you prior to the conclusion or as part of the Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding the Application or the subscription procedure, you can contact Eraze directly by using the contact details below.

Eraze Computer Software B.V.
IJsselburcht 3
6825 BS Arnhem

Telephone:                +31 (0) 167 672 020