design, development and support services for custom software solutions.

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about us

Eraze Software Solutions has been working as technology partner for 25 years. Over the years, it has grown into an International operating, full-service software design- and development company. With experience in different Enterprise and SME companies, the team has the ability to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the clients business. Eraze has a reputation based on a deep technical knowledge on a broad range of technologies and tools.

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our products

Eraze is one of the pioneers in the field of Well Safety applications. Since the nineties, Eraze has been working on software applications for- and with the industry. By working closely together with the giant Dutch based but international well-know player in the Oil-and Gas field, Eraze has gained a large amount of knowledge of the challenges engineers working in this industry face on a daily base.

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a glimpse of our projects

While working closely together with customers for a good understanding of their business and challenges, Eraze designs and develops extensive software applications to help improve their business. Independent of technology, language and distance, Eraze is the technology partner that takes ownership and will truly add value for the customers/partners.

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Software Design and Development